Who and Where Are You?

For years now, we have wanted to pool our time, abilities, and resources with others who are also seeking a higher level of consciousness, and who want to live a life of exploration and learning, but we have not yet found such people. We are beginning to wonder if such people exist, so we put the question Out There (cyberspace) to see what we could see and if there are others who are willing to see and hear. We are always looking for others who are also looking for an existence based on vitality, health, and well-being. We are not so arrogant as to believe that we are the only ones, who else wants such a life? A life devoid of dogma, ideology, dramatization, cognitive annihilation, physiological destruction, etc. We want to meet people that want to grow their own food and build their own homes, who will to severance from the social, bureaucratic treadmill and media-driven shadows on the cave wall. People who want to remain unfulfilled so that they can notice what is new, who are open to imagination, innovation, and creativity; people who love the sound of running water, the wind, and the rain. People who value imagination, new and daring ideas, brave innovations, and wacky creativity; who value anything outside the norm, who are way outside the standard deviation. People who are curious and accept nothing at face value . . . what’s more, people who are not afraid to Be or worry at Being. People who know, understand, and do not want to engage in the false dichotomies, social constructions, and who know what those are and what they mean. People who are not delighted by mass movements, social causes, or political attributions and people who cannot be bought and sold at the marketplace. People without idols or outposts in their heads, who are untainted by the blue light special of the televised media, and without wide-eyed, slack-jawed, pineal maladjustments transacted across the commercial screens. People that know such abstractions as ownership and control are but illusions of the mind. People who want, nay! crave to think, to use their minds and consciousness and experience higher and higher levels of consciousness. People who do not believe or disbelieve, people without jealousy, greed, avarice, malice, willful ignorance, and denial; dammit, people who don’t wear masks. Honestly, you must be out there somewhere!


11 thoughts on “Who and Where Are You?

    • I agree, it is because we all follow different paths. For example I am a naturalist, have lived off the land for several years, am as environmental as I can be, and do my best to be the best person I can be. However, I have noted that a lot of people who are much the same in these ways are vegan or vegetarian, and I am not. My diet of 100% raw meat and veggies saved my life from a disease I was born with, and I have successfully been on this diet 8 years. This doesn’t matter though to most vegans and a lot of vegetarians…in their minds I and those like me, are evil or just ‘wrong’.
      My daughter and I both plan on getting a piece of land and creating a community for those we love and care about, but we want to create it on a common ground, not one where extreme differences would be the undoing of the community. People can get very fanatical at times regarding their beliefs, and this does not encourage change, but alienation. The best teacher is example, not fanatical indoctrination, where people can see what works and what doesn’t. It is not possible for everyone to agree on everything, but we can gather together with those we are most like, and make our contributions on whatever level we can.

      • My experience of those who follow their own path rather than that of society, they prefer to stay as individuals than be part of a community.

  1. Love those responses. Yes it is a matter of enjoying the world and where ever inclination and curiosity leads us without needing permission to be happy in our own ways. Groups and collectives tend to censor free thought in order to validate their own existence or egos and pressure us to justify our sense of freedom and joy of just being in the world and appreciating the beauty we see all around us. Being alone does not have to mean lonely but finding a like soul is surely a blessing.

  2. Almost by the day I mentally distance myself from the devolving society around us–its mindless distractions, its herd-running-toward-a-cliff non-thought/incuriosity/unreason, its pursuit of everything except its elevation. It would technically inaccurate to say that the masses adore their chains, for this would imply that they could objectify their circumstance, and this they “try” mightily to avoid doing. Thus, it’s more that they are willing to defend, even with violence, their familiar surroundings and illusions, even if these are the most active dynamics embedded in their undoing. “Fuck this moron planet that the hairless apes are rushing to catastrophe along with themselves while they watch carbon-belching cars go in racetrack circles and wonder what Kim Kardashian is doing next”, I find myself uttering under my breath, there’s got to be a better way and others who agree.

    So, I guess this is another way of saying that I deeply appreciate your above thoughts and your desire to form, if not communities of healthy dissenters, at least a cyber-connected fraternity of those who are embracing a fundamental break with the current systems of human degradation. I’m with ya.

    My wife and I are at this point targeting the Bay Area for the site to build an earthbag home, grow our own food, or at least a lot of it–especially tons of berries, which we otherwise have to spend a fortune on in the store–and receive much more psychological sustenance from the wind, trees, animals and natural sounds of earth than from careers and life in the city.

    Keep us all posted on what you two are doing! And I hope you have continued safe journeying and new adventures.

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