Apps: All Thoughts Included

One cannot be divine, one divines. To divine is an action, a perpetual motion, as all other so-called things. A motion becomes “thinged” once it has been pro-NOUN-ced. First, a word, a concept captured in an alphabet (not unlike a code; remember words, like numbers, are symbols), then pronounced (or as commonly known, spoken or orated) and installed in the mind, thing-ed. The image and the word remains. Save you forget the image and recall, when needed, the word. It’s why when we (as in mankind) are hungry we go to ‘Giant’ or ‘Wal-Mart’  and ‘Buy’ ‘Middleswarth’ ‘Chips’ or ‘Swiss Miss’ ‘Milk’ or ‘Kellog’s’ ‘Froot Loops.’

But thing-ing has been slightly altered with the advent of the internet. Instead of things, there are now Apps. The process of thing-ing has been reduced further; add another category to the bureau (the structure of reality). Apps are complete short cuts, all thought included, no thinking required. Rather than programming, we have moved to direct installation. Think about it: what is an application? Is that not an instruction, an action? Something done or performed? Rather than symbols, images, and words, there is direct action. There is only the verb, only green, just go. Just do it! It is why the internet generation can perform great feats of eye-hand coordination. There is no thinking, just doing. Branded right into the brain. The synaptic fire is the action itself (the app), there is no line, no separation, no thought (or instinct) just action. A process beyond the age-old behavorism of conditioning. This is faster, and can contain much more data. A hard drive with unlimited random access memory and all instructions are top level cached. So, the internet generation performs video game moves in real life because, as it seems, video game = reality. The line is not blurred, but seamless. Reality augmented. Welcome to the World Web: the internet is no longer online, it is the fabric of reality itself. Offline and operating perfectly. Transmission never ends, because you are always plugged in, except you do not need the plug. You only need more Apps, so much information crunched in a tiny icon. Thousands of lines of code delivered in an instant, the new form of branding. Conditioning and programming are obsolete; believe me this, they cannot even compete. This is the new tele-vision. TV is too slow and requires the transference of vision, the equivalent of Windows 3.1 versus Windows 8. Now, the vision is not required, just the bare minimum, the data, the instruction, the go. No nouns needed.

Words are symbols only in the fundamental sense, but they are secondary, arbitrary, rudimentary. Just the action (the meaning, the emotion) compacted and fired. It is another reason why schools are obsolete, the lecture does not work, why young people seem to be rebellious (it’s not a true rebellion—if there is such a thing, ha ha—for they are just as constructed as their parents’, grandparents’, and so forth. Same occurrence, new technology), why the same things are not valued or cared about. What does everyone in the internet age all share in common? A hand-held device. Apps pre-installed with option to buy more (note: even though you may think an App is free, you have still bought it. Buying has nothing to do with monetary compensation. You have bought the construct, because that is what was sold. See neuromarketing).

Welcome to the next phase of Reality, Inc.


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