Idols in Your Head

How far are you willing to go to realize that not just everything you have ever been told was a lie, but that everything that you believe or think you know to be true is as well? How deep are you willing to take your Consciousness? How hard are you willing to stare into the face of Government (not as a so-called “administrative body” presided over by a “titular head,” but as a Thought, a Belief, a Conception, inscribed upon your Brain)? What’s more, what if there were no God, and you did this to yourself? Mente cide—mental suicide. Even ‘Winston Smith’ did not realize—until too late—that he did not really know how deep The Party was or even how understanding Big Brother was. Why? Because until he realized that his greatest obstacle was himself, he couldn‘t realize his reluctance to accept the obvious truth: HE WAS BIG BROTHER. Just like everyone else. That’s why the concept Big Brother would be eternal, as long as Humans would accept “equality” and/or “inequality” (in 1984). That it is Humanity who are multifaceted, but accept two-sidedness in order to separate the self from the mind, and Insanity reigns supreme. Big Brother exists because everyone wanted the IDEA. Even Winston, else he would not have accepted certain lines of demarcation, he could not have been beaten no matter what the torture, had he not wanted the IDEA, had he not wanted to relinquish the struggle with himself and regain his Sanity (his final love for Big Brother and the final triumphant Contradiction). In the end, he joined his mind, the Contradiction no longer existed. He was finally at Peace. If doublethink were absolute, no Party Member would slip or suffer or even worry. Doublethink symbolizes the war between the Self and the Mind, hence its inherent contradiction. The Will over the Consciousness. A constant game of trickery, until at last, Love… Humanity being created in the first place by The Party is impregnable. Because the Party created the Self, and the Mind must fight the intoxication virus, contradiction; doublethink. It is not the Mind that makes one Human, for how can it? Homo sapiens is merely a classification of an animal.

But do you Comprehend that the most disturbing of all (even more disturbing than the utter reality of Orwell’s book) is that all of humanity are at Its mercy? What’s more It is Merciless. And It is human.

When is It going to end?

“Man, your head is haunted; you have idols in your head! You imagine great things, and depict to yourself a whole world of “gods” that has an existence for you, a “spirit-realm” to which you suppose yourself to be called, an “ideal” that beckons to you. You have fixed ideas!” (Max Stirner, The Ego and its Own)


One thought on “Idols in Your Head

  1. And all that is changing. The dissolution of archetypes is frightening. I bet they’ll be built up again in a millennium if humans still exist. if time still grinds forward in linear fashion. Yet the foundations are shaking. We exist in unprecedented times.

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