Word of the Day: No. 9

Law. A rule of action prescribed by a superior, which an inferior is bound to obey: 36 C.J. 957


4 thoughts on “Word of the Day: No. 9

      • I will have to look that word up, actually we are created equal, Jehovah looks at us all equal, he is the lawgiver not man, man has presumed to take it upon himself to be lawgiver which is actual rebellion against Gods soverignty did you know that? he has allowed man to go on his way independant of him, but this is only temporary while he is patient with us, his patience has its end. (global flood as example) it is funny when people believe God is slow or doesn’t do anything right away (as if he has the same view of times as us) they assume he doesn’t exist, the people in noahs day and pharoah and his army didn’t either. how wrong they were. basically no man has the right to rule over others, in fact the bible says we don’t have the right to rule over ourselves Jeremiah 10:23

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