Dear prospective landlord – A letter


Carla R. Herrera

Just a brief memo to the developement company whose application
I happen to be filling out for an apartment on -anywhere

I understand the need for an application, but is it necessary
to dredge the past of your prospective tenants? If we apply for
a cheap apartment, that probably means we have a bit of a
checkered past.

In other words, we’re not wealthy and we probably never have
been. Another way of putting it: we’ve probably lived in many
cheap places. Or places we could afford until we could not
afford them anymore.

We probably have steady incomes for a time, but then we don’t.
We probably work at lower paying positions in companies that
don’t care about employees and assign us numbers rather than

If we fart the wrong way they fire us. Our income fluctuates.

Our Personal Non-related References include the 40-year old
stoner living…

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