Fists and Boots

It was a cold winter day

upstairs playing with legos

when I heard Dad’s arrival

he called my name

the terror ripped through my mind and body

I was shaking uncontrollably

wearing no socks, shoes or shirt

wearing only a pair of shorts

I ran and smashed through a second story glass window

that cut me to shreds

and on to the snow covered roof

I then jumped off the roof

ran across road to the partially frozen creek

I stepped on the ice and fell through

the freezing water was up to my chest

I climbed out of the ice and crawled the rest of the way across

I then ran through the forest to Grandma’s house 3 miles away

I finally arrived frozen

Grandma wrapped me in blankets and placed my feet in cool water

My feet were frost bitten

The pain in my feet when they started to thaw was unbearable

I cried and cried and cried

The phone then rang and it was Dad

He asked her if she knew where I was

She told him she hadn’t seen me

I slept at Grandma’s that night

The next day

Dad was at her door pounding on it

and yelling I know he’s in there

She kept denying I was there

She refused to open the door

He then broke the door

and searched the house until he found me

then he started kicking and punching me

Grandma was crying and begging him to stop

but he wouldn’t

He dragged me out to his van and took me home

All I could think of was the look of horror on gransma’s face

The beatings didn’t stop until almost 7 years later

I was only 10 years old when it happened.

I have forgiven him for his acts.
I have compassion for him.
I love him.


Your thoughts. . . ?

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