The Caterpillar

Episode 07 — The Caterpillar (a very cute caterpillar)

The CaterpillarIf anyone knows the identity of this caterpillar, let us know in the comments.

Filmed by Nicole Terry & Stephen Ames
postproduction and edited by Nicole Terry
Music: “Aftermath” & “Moon Lounge Omnicron Prime” by Kevin MacLeod

EPISODE 08: Majestic Birds (part one)
EPSIODE 06: The Way of the Ants


3 thoughts on “The Caterpillar

    • 🙂 Thank you!

      That’s exactly how we wanted the video to come off, as cute, to match the cuteness of the caterpillar (it looks like one of those glo-worms toys from the 80s) and its face looks like a smiley-face, plus the way it crawled across the ground. Cuteness factor plus-10. 😀

      Hope your grandson enjoys it!

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