Majestic Birds (part 1)

“[Birds] carry this heavy mystical baggage. They’re icons of fidelity and happiness.” ~Mitchell Burgess

White Crane by Zach DurlandPart One of a two-part series featuring Majestic Birds.

Watch as the Great Egret walks about through the water fishing for something to eat, and in the end. . . watch and see its majesty.

Filmed by Stephen Ames
postproduction and editing by Nicole Terry
Music: “Light Thought var 1” by Kevin MacLeod

EPISODE 09: Majestic Birds (part 2): The Great Blue Heron
EPISODE 07: The Caterpillar

Enjoy this gallery of majestic birds (these are all titled White Crane, but I think they are actually Great Egrets)

*Image credits (all photos used with permission through CC license)–
“White Crane at Fort DeSoto” by Robert Neff
“White Crane” by Dhammika Heenpella / The Images of Sri Lanka
“White Crane” by Val
“White Crane” by DMangus
“White Crane” by Zach Durland


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