Squirrels performing acrobatics and doing all around squirrely things, like eating. 🙂

EPISODE 10 of our nature series. Upcoming episodes include, chipmunks, a black bear, bright orange newt and a box turtle with mayan heiroglyphs pattern on his bright yellow shell.

Filmed by Stephen Ames
postproduction and edited by Nicole Terry
Music “La Di Day” by Poddington Bear from album Strummed

EPISODE 11: Chipmunks
EPISODE 09: Majestic Birds (part 2): Great Blue Heron

Playlist of all episodes


6 thoughts on “SQUIRREL!

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    • Thank you.

      The place where we captured the film of these squirrels are quite used to human beings, as the park is heavily trafficked at certain times. However, they are not tame enough to approach humans for food and it is against the rules at this park to feed the animals. The park is used as a place for humans to enjoy a natural habitat of a sundry of local wildlife, but it is also used as a place to study the wildlife and is considered a wetland, so the wildlife is quite varied. Thankfully there is that rule in place, elsewise the animals may be fat from overfeeding or sick from improprer feeding. Based on the litter, I should hope people are not feeding the animals, that is the most frightening part!

      • There are no restrictions on feeding animals in my park, but people appear to be feeding the animals the wrong type of food for the ducks and pigeons look unhealthy compared to their more wild counterparts.

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