“Because and For”

By Michael Dayne Ames

The ego is the driving force which preserves primal desire and pushes survival instinct. Clinging to the ego isn’t the issue, one may not do such without loss of preservation.

“For”  still implies intent. ‘because’ does as well, but implies blame. I work BECAUSE, I play BECAUSE, I go to my daughters ballet recidles BECAUSE. And the blame always relates to the self. Self doesn’t have to mean the I either, self can be a metaphor. regardless, when you do things ‘for’, you step out of the framework of blame, and into one of purpose. instead of“I”  work because my family will lose my home otherwise’, it becomes  “I” work for a better life with my family’

The core of our being is purpose. Without it we have not a will to be. This is consequentially what drives most to psychosis and then suicide truly. You cannot escape purpose. even non-purpose-ness  has its purpose to create contrast. Without contrast we may find no reason, without reason purpose, without purpose will. Without will, there is then no life.

Your thoughts. . . ?

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