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Feel The Sun

We (Nicole Terry and Stephen Ames) have been both diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and OCD. We perceive that we are Beings in Motion on an Odyssey in search of enchanting, euphoric, enthusiastic experiences. We savor experiences that change our perception of events and things. We enjoy that which is aesthetically pleasing. We crave that which is awe inspiring and places us where we need to be to experience serendipity. We attempt to rid our minds of the socialization that was forced upon us. We do not subscribe to the various Social Constructs, Ideologies and Social Roles. We are not Identities, Submitizens, Citizens, Labels, Strawmen, Roles or any of the sundry Social Labels. We love to laugh and We think the world is overflowing with absurdities. We love the wilderness. We have an overwhelming appetite for organic and wild foods, pushing our physical and mental limits, dwelling in the midst of nature and all that is surreal.


6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I agree 100% that the world is FULL of ABSURDITIES…..it drives me crazy ! But then Greed,Power,Dishonesty affect me even worse.

    • Yes, absurdities can make it difficult to accomplish certain tasks in the world. It is why we both loathe bureaucracies and are deeply affected by the absurd machinations. Greed, power, and dishonesty are traits that can add another level of corruption to the world. Alan Watts says that such machinations are the works of extremely terrified people.

      We appreciate your comment.

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  3. I’ve missed you since the days of reading “A Tortured Enemy Of The State” and the “American Hallucination”. I finally found you after all these years. I’m sorry to hear about Nicole. Your thoughts were ahead of its time, a forewarning of things to come. I wish you peace and hope that Jesus finds you along your travels.

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