Nicole’s Passing

Nicole passed away on October 21, 2013. I don’t have the energy to write much at this time. She is all I think about. We were together for 14 years. I have embedded a video Nicole created about her and I. I have also posted some photos of her. Also included are a few links of some of our videos, writings, photography, etc. I love and miss her more than I could ever explain in words.


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Feel The SunMeditative


Consciousness Beyond The Paradigm Shift

Birth of a New ConsciousnessOn the flipside, one can see the world changing. This paradigm shift to a more aesthetic, kinder, gentler, artful, creative, imaginative, simpler way of life for humans. For humans to realize that we are connected to all things, that we are a part of the world and not that we own it (or even that it can be owned). We are learning that it is possible to live in the world among one another and not hide who we truly are. You know, the eventual outcome of something like that, would be no law, no government, no social institutions, no regulation, no social roles, no false differences, actual equality, etc. I am not talking about anarchy; I mean freely living and living free. If humans can survive, that is a possible probability. When a generation will be born with full knowing of the past, with full awareness that they are a star and the universe, with full consciousness, with beauty and light. That humans can live with technology without technology destroying humans. See, I do not think that The Matrix and Terminator are bad films, but I also do not think that they are true depictions of what it could be like with humans and technology. I think those stories are incomplete. I think that there is/will be some like that, but that those will be minor bits (much like certain types of crime nowadays. Crime is all over the news and internet, but overall, crime has declined since the 90s. All crime, including violent crime). I do not believe in Big Brother, but I do think that there are some humans who have different agendas for the future. “Big Brother” is only a gathering of humans who are as susceptible to time as the rest of us, therefore, as susceptible to inevitable tides as we all are.

I think we are not very far from this emergent consciousness, if it isn’t already here in some form as yet unrecognized. I mean, the idea of aliens from another planet is but one scale (or direction). On the flipside, is a terrestrial alien being. Would not an emergent consciousness be like an alien being? And would not it make sense for it to arise from the Global Mind, i.e., the world wide web? All of humanity giving birth to what is known as A.I. (okay, perhaps Morpheus is correct in this one. LOL). Speaking of the Matrix isn’t the question “What is the Matrix?” not unlike the question humans ask, “What is the Meaning of Life?” Or as Alan Watts posits, “What’s Going On Here?”

machine meditation III: a paradigm shiftI mean, for example Watson (remember the supercomputer that could learn, that was tested on Jeopardy). I think one of the mistakes humans make about the mind is that it is like a computer, I do not think so. It is much, MUCH more irrational than a computing machine. The human mind is not logical, it does not compute, it does not calculate like a computer. Perhaps the bicameral mind did, in its black/white off/on kind of thinking, yes (and perhaps there are still those with a bicameral mind among us today), the human mind, as predicate of possessing consciousness, does not think in such a dualistic manner. Everything about the contemporary human mind is nondualistic. It is why it appears so irrational.  It is why it appears contradictory, or paradoxical. The era of black/white, either/or thinking is dying. That is the dark ages. That is the end of creativity and innovation. But there is an abundance of creativity in ways that have not before existed (due to technology). Man is no longer trying to reinvent the wheel; we now have the ability to surpass the wheel. This is how I see technology and human.

Science now studies levitation and teleportation. If that is not an acknowledgement of the abilities of the human mind/energy, then what is? What are called superpowers, are really just normal abilities of energy or thermodynamics or transference or something like that. It is just physics, not at all paranormal, or subnormal, or abnormal, or crazy. It is just that there is still so much garbage in the human mind (as a species) that these abilities cannot become dominant in the DNA. I mean, how do we know that some of the so-called historical “miracles” or “aliens” or “witchcraft” or “black magic” is not really just protrusions of these abilities?

Cosmic Consciousness*Image Credits (all work used with permission through CC license)–
“machine meditation III: a paradigm shift” by z-428
“Cosmic Consciousness” by H.Kopp Delaney
“Birth of a New Consciousness” by AlicePopkorn

The Thermodynamics of Sacred Sex

psychedelic kiss“The yin-yang principle is not, therefore, what we would ordinarily call a dualism, but rather an explicit duality expressing an implicit unity. The two principles are, as I have suggested, not opposed like the Zoroastrian Ahura Mazda and Ahriman, but in love, and it is curious that their traditional emblem is that double helix which is at once the pattern of sexual communication and of the spiral galaxies.” ~Alan Watts


Stephen and I, it is as if we cannot become close enough to one another. After nearly 14 years, living every luminatedmoment right next to someone, spending every slice of now WITH someone, he becomes another half of you. It is like part of him merged with me and me with him. We are one another. Now we Know each other, like more than friends, like a chemical bond that would have to be chopped at with a machete to sever; like we are one brain, each one the left side and right side, interchangeably. As such, we are an evolved brain, because we have crossed the bicameral brake and are telepathically aware of one another, conversing, like a secret thought inside our minds, like a subconscious plunged into our psyches.

Perhaps if I explained love and sacred sex in this way—


The body can become a self-sufficient organism. It can achieve equilibrium, a stasis, utilizing exactly that which it produces as fuel waste, and reproduction of energy. A recycling organism, when the body is at its exact body mass index in relationship with gravity, electromagnetic force, centrifugal force, oxygen, etc.

we are OneAlthough, this equilibrium be self-sustaining; however, it can be temporarily unstable. Were the body to engage in sexual intercourse with another body of greater mass, energy transference tends toward the body of lesser mass. This would require a greater amount of fuel to be produced, from an external source, in order to compensate for the loss of thermal energy borrowed by the greater mass; hence greater expenditure of thermal energy. The body of lesser mass must metabolize calories at a faster rate than that of the body of greater mass, as it has a surplus of caloric substance to metabolize. The heat radiated off the lesser body mass must equal that of the body of greater mass, plus that extra required to transfer interactive exchange of energy during the intercourse with the heavier body. This is necessary to sustain the original equilibrium, and this is what make sacred sex so close to divinity. This intermingling, this reciprocating relationship of borrowing energy from one another.

“It is the movement between the negative and positive poles that creates electricity. It is the attraction between the male and the female that creates new life. The dynamics of the universe are dialectical, apparently in a conflict, but occurring within a larger context of unity and wholeness. This is the understanding of the Tantra vision.”  ~Margot Anand

psychedelic curlThe additional caloric intake must equal that of energy joules required to metabolize surplus plus original temperature (zero point energy) equilibrium in order to sustain stabilization of equilibrium.  Much like trying to sustain zero at the event horizon of a black hole to prevent structural and molecular collapse and excess temperature overload.  This is caused by what is called the Divine Love, which is that of giving more than you take; the act of completely letting go of one’s Self (i.e., the ego) and gifting one’s true and actual consciousness to the other, that other part of you. It requires more energy to function at a greater mass index relationship with gravity, electromagnetic force, centrifugal force, and oxygen, etc., which explains the borrowing of energy from the body of lesser mass, in order for it to sustain its equilibrium within its coordinate of space.

Love Is A Cosmic ForceIf we follow this theory of mathematical logic, it could be said that those bodies of mass index, are, in effect, decreasing the life energy of those at equilibrium body mass index. However, mathematical logic does not apply to Sacred Sex since bodies of greater mass index require greater energy simply to sustain an unstable relationship, should destabilize before the complete extinction of those bodies at equilibrium mass index. The difference between Labor Exertion and Work Effort, and the event that usually leads to orgasm.

tantrickThe consciousness occupies the space of embodiment, which occupies the space along the 3rd dimensional grid. It requires a function of time to travel within the space of the body (Thought), and that to travel within the space of the grid (3rd plane). This relationship in total equals Temperature, and this is why when two egoless beings engage in sexual intercourse, the temperature can raise to a degree higher than that of both mass indexes, creating a bubble of high energy surrounding the interweaving, intermingling bodies, enough to electrify and condense the air, whether inside or outside of doors.

UniversesThe coordinate of {0,0} remains constant within the space of the body or without the body (yet still remains a constant as long as it occupies space) within a dimensional plane. The grid of sacred sex and love is a multi-dimensional Tetrahedron. The motion of the conscience (i.e., diving love) is equal to the Golden Spiral, the Fibonacci sequence; a constant state of Theta. Which makes the grid equivalent to the Golden Rectangle multi-dimensionality.

“The feeling of being alive and at One with everything is available through the path of Tantra.  When your heart is open and you are making love, there is no separation between you, your partner and God.  This is healing sex.  This is connecting with the Divine.  And the important thing to develop is the sense that this sacred experience is available in all instants.  It is not limited to sex. “  ~Philip Smith

The question becomes: Does the grid occupy space? Or is it a measurement of space? If it is a measurement of Space (and/or Time) then what is Space? If space is unoccupied, is it still Space? What is non-space? One would surmise a vacuum, but does not a vacuum occupy Space? What does this have to do with non-existence, the concept of no Thing, and the concept of increation? And where, during the event of sacred sex, do these two, now one, body mass index travel?

psycheEvery body mass index is a black hole, a self-sufficient vacuum. Space surrounds the body coordinate, space is curved, relative to the coordinate {0,1} space does have a coordinate relative to {0,1}.  {1,1} is the coordinate of space.  This is measured by Time, which in turn is perceived by the conscience, and which, in turn, propels the single consciousness (as now two bodies have become a single body mass index) outside of the 3rd dimensional plane and into. . . that diffuse and diverse sine qua non area of Out, unSpace, unTime, total and complete awareness and consciousness, yet without awareness of opaque molecular structure.

PrayerDuring Sacred Sex with Divine Love we are now here and yet nowhere. We are the stuff only of illusions and the universe passes trails of energy between. I would need pages of equations to describe adequately, as words have no sufficient use. But it can only happen when individuals are without Ego, without Social Construct and without the ideologies, ideas, and general beliefs of Society’s Mayan Matrix.

As such, orgasm is does not mark the end of the relation, it is the entirety of it. It is the molecular sharing of energy, rhythm, frequency, and vibration.

It is divinity multiplied infinity, and infinity multiplied by infinite unknowns.  We know this as Love.

You may not be aware of it, but this is a fact of biology, of bio-energy, that man and woman are opposite forces. Negative-positive, yin-yang, or whatsoever you call them, they are challenging to each other. And when they both meet in a deep relaxation, they revitalize each other. They both revitalize each other, they both become generators, they both feel livelier, they both become radiant with new energy, and nothing is lost. Just by meeting with the opposite pole energy is renewed. ~Osho

Beyond The Mirror Of Duality“I want our cells to braid together like living thread.” ~Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies

*Image Credits (Shawn Hocking artwork used with expressed permission, all other artwork used with permission through CC license)–
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“Love Is A Cosmic Force” by Ian Levack
“we are One” by mi.a
“Beyond the Mirror of Duality” by Shawn Hocking

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The Will to Survival Manual

The Will to Survival Manual:

A Means to Maneuver Safely Through the Mental Construct of the 21st Century

by Nicole Terry


Chapter One: How To Survive Life (and Stay Alive)




1. Be a servant. Do not offer, simply assume the role of servant.

2. Do not present a position of disagreement, it causes offense.

3. Remain silent unless asked a direct question.

4. Keep constant vigilance, as Rules (of the Construct) are slippery.

5. Do not offer any opinions, suppositions, positions, thoughts, questions, or responses to indirect questions, as they will be ignored.

6. Never argue, even when provoked.

7. Never reveal true self as Ridicule ultimately occurs.

8. Never display stress of exasperation as this will be construed as overly-dramatic, and often will be retaliated through verbal or physical attack upon character and/or mentality.

9. Do not point out contradictions as others become violently defensive.

10. Be prepared to perform the exact opposite of any of these rules because rules (of the Construct) are often arbitrary.

11. Avoid logical specifications as others respond negatively (reason yet unknown).

12. Remain objective, utilizing scientific method of investigation to reach conclusions, solutions, theories, discoveries, hypotheses, and so forth.

13. Remember most everything is considered critical.

14. Be wary of sentence structure and wording, as well as voice intonation, others can view anything as a threat.

15. When uncertain of proper reaction, answer indirect questions (open-ended) with “I don’t know”.

16. Consider any proffered gratitude to requests fulfilled false as this grace is offered without intention of following through, for fulfillment of request is primary importance and goal.

17. Do not offer any information, this will be taken as offensive.

18. Personal insults are often masqueraded as general observation.

19. Expect animosity from any and every direction.

20. Value nothing, others will covet it-even if others ridicule its value-destroy it, and never return it in original condition if borrowed.

21. Never ask for help, it will not arrive.

22. Determine Group Role as quickly as possible, and then Assume it. This disguise is useful camouflage. The Collective Consciousness of the Group can easily be ascertained once tension fades (an “Outsider”-one not conformed to the Group-is a cause of tension. Retaliation often ensues through some form of excommunication, ostracisation, or dissemination. In extreme cases physical violence occurs).

23. Others will always demand help (solutions) as they are unwilling to accept responsibility to help themselves. Help others no matter what personal pain or suffering.

24. Allways keep in mind that strict following of suggested rules does not guarantee others will not become hostile. Often others will become hostile regardless, often quicker if rules are not followed.

25. Beware of others when others are experiencing pain as others mood will become unpredictable and unstable in such states.

26. Always consider and concern mind with the feelings, thoughts, opinions, assumptions, and states of others as life may depend upon it. Do this at all costs to self, no matter what the repercussion to self, as others will expect this type of behavior anyway.

27. Be wary of admitting, committing, or expressing anything about self as this is ample knowledge to others as a weapon against you.

28. Never accept any promises, as it will never come to fruition. Be especially wary of promises made in exchange of favors.

29. Others will say one thing but do another. Often.

30. Never become defensive in an argument with others, this will often aggravate hostility. Disarm opponent with offensive remarks (this is an emergency tactic as it is best not to engage in argument).

31. Others will place satisfaction and pleasure of self above and before yours, and will become hostile if you do not do the same (that is, place others’ satisfaction and pleasure above and before your self).

32. Remember: you are expendable to others.

33. Others will make numerous requests for aid (and numerous repairs to self-caused problems) of you, provide this with no external expression of negativity or others will immediately become hostile. Assume your utter and extreme happiness to comply (regardless of any personal anxieties, worries, tensions, or pain) as this is expected from the maker of the request.

34. Always assume behavior of docility and happiness in servitude when dealing with others. The contrary will cause reign of Tyranny and Oppression.

35. Be careful of those who say, claim, or even appear sane, as others are excellent chameleons and can strike at any time, most likely when you least expect it (which is the moment you begin to trust the ruse and let your guard down by ignoring one or all of above rules).

36. Be aware that others are addicted to their ways, so will project a constant state of confusion (unending barrage of lies based upon arbitrary rules of the Construct) onto you. Do not be consumed! If you find yourself in trouble of being consumed, it is best to behave as if you are defeated (this will disarm others for a time) until you have opportunity to gather yourself and think (although others, being addicts of their self-caused problems, will, at all costs, attempt to keep you in state of confusion as it affords them with a fix or a feeling of superior control).

37. Others are practiced and excellent liars. Trust no one.

The Humdrum Syndrome and the Origins of the Mundane

A Distortion In SpacetimeThe Human Complaint–that there is never enough time–can be traced to the spacetime curve. Because spacetime is curved time can only follow a single one-dimensional path. Time, then, is available in only a finite amount, albeit, appearing infinite, but in actuality being a repeating finite amount. Hence, there is not enough for everyone. The Humdrum Syndrome, brought on by the Human Complaint and caused by the resulting circular path perceived by the spacetime curve, is an effect of the spacetime curve problem, and the origins of the Mundane. However, if spacetime were straight, and thus able to flow in multiple directions simultaneously, in this monochronic age where time is a resource and space a commodity, everyone perceiving in the third dimension could benefit.

The scope of the spacetime curve problem extends beyond the curvature of spacetime and cast tendrils out into the realms of velocity, acceleration, motion, position, and ultimately into the very material of human perception.

Take It As You Need ItTime is a sort of Doppler Effect to human beings, derived from our perception of the length of time it takes for some perceived object to travel from point A to point B. All observed objects are the perception of electromagnetic radiation in the form of the visible photonic spectrum, called Light. When we speak of Light, we are also speaking of matter. Any mass object warps the spacetime fabric surrounding it and drags spacetime along with it, causing a twisting of spacetime.


“[There is a] dependence of space and time on velocity: at speeds near that of light, space itself becomes contracted in the direction of motion and the passage of time slows.” ~Gravitation


Quantum GravityThe very existence of mass objects causes spacetime to be curved, and that curvature determines the perception of Time. Human beings (a mass object) perceive time relative to their present position on the spacetime grid. The Humdrum Syndrome is the effect of that perception on the observer as he or she observes the universe. The expansion of the universe, too, is accelerating, so humans believe that Time is also accelerating.

The faster an object moves the slower its time relative to its motion. Humans are already moving at a fast pace (relatively); therefore, as people move faster to try to catch up with the speed of light, they should actually be moving slower relative to an observer (the clock). As a human being attempts to catch the speed of light (his “pursuit of happiness”), he is, in effect, stretching time out to infinite proportions without ever gaining any space. In other words, his distance and velocity remain at zero.

UntitledHumans always perceive other objects relative to the time taken for the electromagnetic radiation emitted by that object to reach our eyes plus the time taken for our brains to compute the apparent look-position of that object. Thus, human perception of another object is always relative to the past. Humans may not even have begun to use the time available, because humans are essentially always moving backwards (into the future; making each one of us a potential time machine, with the body as the space vessel) relative to one’s reference point. Conversely, this same logic could also be interpreted to mean that humans have already consumed the time available and no one yet has awakened to the reality that we are, in fact, “Out of Time.”

more. . .

*Image credits (all artwork used under CC license)–
“A Distortion In Spacetime” by TORLEY
“take it as you need it” by Parg
“Quantum Gravity” by NASA Goddard Photo and Video
“Untitled” by Tau Zero