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The 21st Century Ego

If one knows one is a known soldier, what is the Unknown Soldier?

fractal_stock_11912_by_dsynegrafix-d4mvemoIn this scientifically managed construct of a society and current (albeit outgoing) culture, one must constantly fight against those who believe and perceive (because of that belief, so does belief predetermine perception?) that “I” am what “I” am not. So, who is really fighting the war? Who are the real soldiers? Who are the real generals?

All of us. None of us. For “We” assumes the roles of symbols in attempt to hide from the eye of whom we perceive and believe to be god (i.e., this systematized and sick society; one needs only to view the news or look around at the state of humanity). We clothe ourselves in the fig leaves of 21st century living, hoping that no one will notice we are nothing but little kids who have soiled our diapers and are crying for the parent to clean our bottoms. No, thank you, general, we should say; I will not play your game as there can only be losers. And I do not want to win.

One cannot prove or disprove an existence of I beyond an arbitrary point of reference. Why must there be more?

fractal_stock_02072012_by_dsynegrafix-d4oyh68Are we so afraid of honesty, transparency, and radical openness that we are surprised when we encounter it? Once, years ago, a news reporter approached me (during the time of Cardinal Law’s selection as pope) and she wanted to know my thoughts on the matter. I informed her that I had not really been keeping abreast of the matter so I could not offer any thoughts on it, which was the truth. The only knowledge of the new pope I had were headlines I had seen passing by or some snippet of a headline while surfing the internet. She actually seemed startled and said, “OH! Well, thank you for being honest with me.” She was surprised to hear honesty. How strange is that? The socially-constructed ego which lies teaches the created person (persona, personality) to be invisible as not to suffer under its own perceptions of the unfolding universe. Thus, ‘I am sorry I do not exist’ becomes the mantra of the socially constructed ego.

We must realize that no one can be friend or enemy under such guise, that everybody lies when delivering his or her version of that kind of existence. We are all electrons peering at our reflections, wondering why we keep bumping our heads. What we do not realize is the reflection is as much an illusion as the electron. And that is not our reflection because, ultimately, we, too, are an illusion and the symbol is the reflection. In the guise of the ego, symbols are confused for actuality.

So, what are the effects of a civilization borne in this bondage? And what is the impact of the offspring of those in bondage as the bonds come undone? Further, what are the effects of those born once unbound? What will be the future minds after the paradigm shift? The last I know of was the shift from unconscious to conscious. The plume of egoless awareness—“the universe begins with a thought.”

Oh, this elaborate, evolving, entangled lucid dream called Life.

Quantum_Enanglement_by_zananeichan*Image Credit (work used with permission through CC license)–
“Quantum Entanglement” by zananeichan
“Fractal Stock 11912” by DsyneGrafix
“Fractal Stock 02072012” by DsyneGrafix


Nitric Kiss

“Human life is as evanescent as the morning dew or a flash of lightning.” ~Samuel Butler

The Perfect Storm by Michael BolognesiHave you ever stood in a thunderstorm? Have you ever had a thunderstorm chase you? Have you ever seen it form in front of you, growl deep in its throat, then . . . let loose?

Have you ever awoken in a puddle?

We have.

Gone-for-a-paddle (for Bev) by John Bennett It is beautiful, as breathtaking as any sunset, perhaps more. Perhaps one of the most beautiful earthly sights the eyes’ mind and consciousness love to behold in this elsewise strange and maladaptive world. We wonder at how many have missed the nitric kiss of the open sky walking beneath the broiling belly of the upper deep. How eerie to think one shrouded, crouched, and miserably shivering beneath an umbrella afraid to be wet for fear of appearing at work rumpled; how terrifying a fear. What a bizarre worship-ritual of a place is employment. Employment so revered that wetness is reserved only before entering and not while in destination? What is so important about one building over another? The amount of wood? The number of open walled-in spaces? Strange and maladaptive world, indeed.

Light Years by Justin Kern But beneath the skydome of stars, strange weather phenomena, unusual aircrafts, miles of insects like some kind of organic highway and fractaled branches, we have seen from the perspective of an ant and the view of a god. How is it possible to be biased? To decide for another his fate when we cannot for our own? We would rather skirt the edge of death looking down, than seated at a high, mighty office of judgment. Outside among the elemental earth, after a time observing sunrise to sunset, clouds forming and dissipating, moonrise to moon’s set, ebb and flow of the natural tempo, the humming rhythm and syncopation of the long nighttime in calendars, dates, and tock tick grind of daily routine seem . . . out of place. Not so much wrong, or unnecessary or hated or suffered, just out of place.

Mice under a rock by Cloudtail Days, nights, and seasons change and move at a slower pace than the alarm bell tolls. Once we have slipped silkily and willingly into the lingerie of time, many other interesting tidbits arise. When lying upon a strip of sandy beach beside a stream for many days and nights, gradually we began to fit in. How did we know this? For we were not some honored title carried about a self like some theatrical display, the elements told us otherwise. Each night we frittered with mice at all stages of life, who stole our food, crawled down Stephen’s shirt, and ran over us as we slept. We were no different from a fallen log, a rock, a pile of leaves. Is this not heaven?

We watched from the ground the behaviors of nocturnal animals who did not seem unnerved by our presence. For sure, we were sensed and determined non–threatening, but we were no more human than a familiar scent.

This was living and we were alive, sipping at the cusp of Now.

sun flooded autumnal forest by skoeber“[We are beings] of Heaven and Earth, of thunder and lightning, of rain and wind, of the galaxies.” ~Eden Ahbez


*Image Credits (used with permission under CC license)–
“The Perfect Storm” by Michael Bolognessi
“Gone-for-a-paddle (for Bev)” by John Bennett
“Light Years” by Justin Kern
“Mice under a rock” by Cloudtail
“sun flooded autumnal forest” by skoeber